Serve Online

God is giving us a great opportunity to reach those around the world through CF Online. To serve in this ministry, check out the different volunteer opportunities below and fill out the form.

ONline prayer

Volunteers will have the opportunity to pray with people from across the country and around the world. Through our Online Services and Sermon Archive, we have thousands of visitors a week who have questions about God or are going through difficult situations. It's quite easy to pray with someone online, share scripture, and to answer questions on the faith. This is a great first exposure of many people to church. It's also incredibly flexible on timing, and you can serve from anywhere. One of our easiest areas to serve, and training is provided!



Each week people take a first step at CF Online. For some, it's the first time they visited the church. Others may be the first time they realized they needed Christ in their life. Others still may realize they need community and may be looking for an Online Small Group. As First Friends, we are looking for volunteers to develop relationships with people who are interested in taking a Next Step at CF Online. If you're relational, and you like meeting new people or making friends quickly, this is for you!

Small Group Leaders

There are three different types of Small Groups through the Online Campus:

Small Groups Vision & Strategy

CF Online's Street Team

This volunteer is a CF Online “fan.” Their part in our team is to promote CF Online on their social media feed - share content, promotional material, blog, etc. Simply make positive comments and invite people to view. This volunteer is also encouraged to be a chat host to engage with attendees of the CF Online Community. Grab some graphics and help connect your friends online to God.


Volunteers to translate Small Group curriculum from English into the different languages that will be available (i.e. Spanish, Portuguese, Creole, Russian, French etc), as well as American Sign Language interpretation.


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