Online Small Groups

“I need help growing deeper in my faith.” This is the number one request received by CF Online.  People are looking for something different, more, deeper. The Mission of Christ isn’t as complicated as it sounds. At one level, it’s Discipleship!

Virtual Small Groups look a lot like Linda's video. They meet online regularly, using technology, and do the "One Anothers" of the Bible. They pray for one another. They encourage one another. They support one another. The challenge one another. Virtual Small Groups are your opportunity to connect with Friends and Family scattered across the World and together grow deeper in your faith.

The technology-side of this is simple. Have a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer with a webcam? You most likely can join one of our Virtual Small Groups through Christ Fellowship. 

Through Virtual Small Groups, Christ Fellowship desires to connect people together to grow deeper in their faith. We want to be challenged by the word of God, wrestle with how to apply this to our lives, and lean on others for accountability. Together, we will discover who we are in Christ, and strive to be who Christ wants us to be.

Some people, though, would prefer to meet in the physical world, not via webcams. If that's you, no problem! CF Online can help you start and lead a Physical Small Group as well. We can help you find the material, and the people, to get started with a Small Group in your neighborhood, town, or city!


Interested in being part of a group? Got questions? Fill out the form below and we'll help you get connected.