Sermon-Based Studies

Sermon-based Studies are a great tool to dive deeper into the sermon from the weekend with your small group and hold each other accountable to applying the teaching to your lives.

Sign up to receive our weekly sermon-based studies here. You can also access them here, by selecting a message and then downloading the "Sermon-based Study".

Listen to the sermon on the weekend and then come to small group ready to discuss. If someone missed the sermon one week they can always watch it here before group.

Before starting the study with your group go ahead and open with fellowship and prayer.

The first section of the Sermon-based Study is the "Review" section. This review section is to hold one another accountable to application challenge from the week prior. You repeat the main point from last week's sermon and ask what was the result from last week's application question.

The second section is the "Study" section. In this section, you study further the scripture that was used in the sermon and discuss the proposals that were presented.

The third section is the "Application" section. In this section, you will find a challenge to apply in your life over the next week. The result of this question is what will be asked in the review in the next week's review section.

The final section is "Prayer". There will be a prayer written every week based on the teachings. This is to be used as a guide. We encourage you to spend time praying for one another and anything else that you need to pray for.