Serve in Production



Audio Engineering

Sound check! 1-2-3! These sultans of the soundboard make sure that every mic and instrument are in sync - and not screeching with feedback.

Camera Director

(Palmetto Bay & West kendall)

These behind-the-scenes volunteers call the shots. Fade in here. Switch to Camera 2. Zoom in on the guitarist. All are commands directors give to the camera operators to create the visual CF worship experience.

Camera Operator

(Palmetto Bay & West kendall)

These volunteers are responsible for capturing the live images up on the screen throughout each service. During the message, their work is what is streamed live to the other five campuses.

Spanish INTERPRETAtion

Sí! Hablamos Español! This team is responsible for interpreting the pastor’s messages live to those Spanish-speaking members of CF.

Stage Lighting

This team lights up our world…literally. They fill the stage with lighting effects that complete the worship experience. From dimming the houselights to creating different effects that enhance the images on the screen, these volunteers are the leaders of the lighting board.


Video & Graphics

Whether it’s the lyrics that seamlessly flow throughout worship or the announcement slides that are splashed up behind the campus pastor, this team is responsible for it all, helping to create a complete visual experience.


Stage Director

This person is the keeper of the stage. Not only does this person handle gathering the band together before service to make sure they are ready to go on stage, but the Stage Director keeps an eye on everyone who will be on stage to make sure they are ready for their part. These volunteers have an important role of staging the Pastor’s props to help people connect with the message.


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