Join us as we follow god's command to serve the poor, the widows, the migrants and the orphans



SERVE the poor: 


Serve the under-resourced weekly at CF Palmetto Bay's Care Cottage (Food Pantry & Care Closet)

The Care Cottage is the yellow house accross from our church, ext to the tennis courts. We provide clothing and food to the under-resourced in our community. It is open to the public Mondays and Thursdays from 8am to 11am. We receive goods from Farm Share, Publix, Feeding South Florida, food drives and donations from Christ Fellowship visitors.

Volunteer Serving Opportunities:
Donations needed:

All donations except boxes, can be dropped inside the blue bins located at the CF Palmetto Bay Campus and in front of the care closet all week long.

For more information, contact Ydania Peralta.


Serve the Homeless in Homestead and Downtown Miami

When a person becomes homeless, the impact goes far beyond their health and self-esteem, affecting their ability to provide for their family. We want to bring hope, love and care to those in need in our community, together with Chapman Partnership and through personal missions projects.

Volunteer Serving Opportunities:

Volunteers will prepare and serve dinner to the homeless at Chapman Partnership in Homestead and Downtown Miami. Volunteers meet at Chapman Partnership and they can sign up to volunteer at cfmiami.org/reach

Chapman Partnership Homestead

Second Saturdays of every month, 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm, 28205 SW 124 Court, Homestead

Contact Rick Fraser


Chapman Partnership Downtown

Third Saturdays of every month, 2:30 pm - 7:00 pm, 1550 North Miami Avenue, Downtown Miami

Contact Dan Driscoll or Gideon Apé


Backpack Program

Thousands of children in Miami go to sleep hungry each weekend. We’re committed to making a difference in their lives by providing them with backpacks of food each week. During holidays, participating families have the option to opt-in to receive a meal basket.

Backpack Program: When Thanksgiving time comes around, we will place an insert asking if the families would like to receive a free Thanksgiving basket. If so, they are asked to provide their information and send it back to the church. CF volunteers will then deliver the baskets, connect, and pray with families that willingly provide information. This will be the first of many opportunities for our church to connect and help families not just physically, but also spiritually.

Weekly volunteering would involve delivering food to schools on Thursday or Friday morning. This position includes some lifting, driving time, and the need to connect and love the administration of the school.

Monthly volunteering would be setting up packing party events. Every campus has the potential to host a backpack packing party every 6 weeks to replenish the number of bags on hand for the rest of the year.

Ministry Roles:
Backpack packing party leaders and volunteers, Food Purchasing, Drivers & Food pick-up, Storage Coordinators, Recruiters and vision casters, Volunteer Coordinators, Prayer Team

Contact Panos Kourtesis.


The Widows:

Single Moms, Domestic Violence Victims & Widows at Assisted Living Homes

We love and support moms of all ages who are raising children alone, whether single, widowed, divorced, grandparents, foster parents, separated, or military wives with husbands on deployment. Volunteers also visit Domestic Violence Shelters and Assisted Living Homes to provide relief and hope to the women in need. 


THE Migrants:

This ministry exists to provide relief, comfort and love to a community of people who are far away from their home-land.

Language Education Ministry

This ministry serves the migrant community as a way to reach unbelievers by providing them relief through language education.

Immigration Legal Support

We provide support to the immigration community by assisting them with preparing their legal papers for applications to improve their immigration status.

Orphan Migrants

We partner with other organizations to provide a loving and fun events for volunteers to engage with migrant and orphan children.

Volunteer Serving Opportunities:

Language Education Ministry

 Immigration Legal Support

 Orphan Migrants




Foster & Adoption Ministry

God commands us to serve the Fatherless and Orphans. That's why we have a ministry that helps us do just that!

Volunteer Serving Opportunities:

At Christ Fellowship we believe if more of us stepped up to be a "forever family" to the neglected and abandoned children, we could make a greater impact in the future of our city. For more information on becoming a Foster or Adoption Family please click here for training dates, resources and more information.