Serve in CF Kids

Administrative Help

(Palmetto Bay – Monday thru Friday)

This team volunteers their free time to help with calling families, writing letters to other volunteers, and performing other clerical duties as needed by the CF Kids Administrative Assistant. They fill the gap when needed and have a cheerful willingness that goes along with anything they do.

Assist With Events

These volunteers are on the front lines to help organize and execute the CF Kids portion of church events, from Ministry Rally to Egg Hunts at Easter, to Christmas Services and Fall Festivals.

Check-In Booth

Members of this team have a smile on their face and a love for kids. They’re the first ones kids meet when they get to church. Volunteers who work the booth check in children to the CF Kids area and make them feel welcome.


These volunteers have a flair for the dramatic. They memorize lines and put on skits to bring the lesson of the week alive on stage and in the hearts of children.


With additional services and venues at our campuses, Easter is a great time to get involved in CF Kids. Join us by volunteering one time in any of the CF Kids environments as we #ShareEaster.


Emcees are the ringleaders of CF Kids. They’re the masters of the stage, in charge of getting the Way Station experience rolling, from keeping kids excited to introducing the different segments aimed at bringing kids closer to Jesus.


This group of friendly, smiling volunteers has a love for children and a passion for making them and their families feel welcomed at the start of their CF Kids experience.


The Way Station and Praise Island would be a dull place without this group of tech-savvy volunteers, who run lights, music, video, and graphics. They use their skills behind the scenes to get kids excited for Jesus.

Nursery Caregiver

This team has a love and passion for the littlest members of the CF community. Volunteers care for infants while parents attend service, whether it’s putting them down for a nap or playing peek-a-boo to make them laugh.

Praise & Worship

Praise and worship is an essential part of church, and at CF Kids, it’s no different. These volunteers share their love of music and worshipping the Lord with the youngest members of the CF community. At the Way Station and Praise Island, these volunteers sing and lead kids in learning and performing a series of accompanying hand motions to each song.


We are looking for talented people like you! Whether you can sing, act, or dance, join us behind the scenes in creating fun Christ centered videos for the weekend experience.


This team uses their alter egos (aka colorful puppets) to bring to life stories and songs that draw kids to Jesus. This vibrant, fun-loving group is not afraid to bring it all to the stage and love every minute of it.


CF Kids aims to teach kids about Jesus, and providing a safe environment for them to do so. This group of volunteers are on the front lines, checking that the badges each child wears matches that of the parent picking him or her up.


(Coral Gables / Miami Springs)

Part of the CF Kids environment are the fun sets and classrooms ready to receive each child at the start of every service. These volunteers will assist setting up and tearing down these elements of CF Kids at the start and end of each service.

Small Group Assistant

A passion for teaching kids about Jesus burns at the heart of this team of volunteers. They make themselves available to assist the Small Group Leader in whatever way is necessary as the give the lesson of the week, whether it’s helping out with a group activity or just handling a disruption so that the leader doesn’t have to stop the lesson.

Small Group Leader

Helping kids learn more about Jesus is the aim of CF Kids, and these volunteers are the hands that make it happen. With a smile on their face and a love for teaching, Small Group Leaders guide discussion and activities to bring the lesson of the week alive for the kids in their group.


This team of volunteers can serve as assistants in certain areas. We require a recommendation from a Pastor, Teacher, or Coach along with parental permission. Please print, fill out and sign the following documents and turn into your CF Kids Director. 

REcommendation form

Parental permission



This team of willing helpers stand in the gap in case a Small Group Leader can’t make it to a service. They’re flexible and willing to jump in, even at the last minute.


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