Pastor Rick threw down the gauntlet in a big way when he challenging us to do Greater Things, but in doing so he reminded us that small is, in fact, the new big. In order to reach the world, we as Christ Fellowship should start very close to home. Our neighbors.

So how do we befriend our neighbors? How do we build relationships with them? Christ Fellowship has launched Apps for your TV that can help you do just that. If you have an AppleTV, a ROKU, or an Amazon Fire, you can download the Christ Fellowship App from your Device's App Store, and get Christ Fellowship content direct to your television. There are tons of resources on the Apps (and more coming), but one thing that is important to see is that this is an incredible tool to help you meet your neighbors. So, here are four ways to love your neighbor with CF's TV Apps!


4) Invite your neighbors over for coffee, and share CF Stories through the TV Apps. Watch testimonies of people who have made authentic, life changing decisions for Christ. What better way to begin open, honest Gospel-centered conversations than to share stories of genuine people who have overcome their struggles with the power of God.


3) Is your neighbor a science buff? History guru? Or a newlywed that's figuring the whole marriage thing out? Pastor Rick has a bunch of sermon series that are incredibly applicable to people of all walks of life, and they're all available in the Messages "On Demand" section of the website. Invite them over to watch a sermon, and then recommend they download the Christ Fellowship app and point them at the sermon series that can help them connect to God. (Messages on Demand are also on the CF Mobile App; if they don't have TV Devices, they can always download the Mobile App).


2) Invite them to church... in your home! Are they nervous about going to church? Use CF Online to stream a church service to your TV, and allow your neighbor to get a feel for CF in your own home. Online services are less than an hour long and are a great way to get people connected to Christ Fellowship. For Online Services in English, Spanish, American Sign Language, or our Kids Broadcast, check out


1) Is your neighbor already a Christian? Recruit them to the cause! Get them connected to the mission of Christ by learning about discipleship. Christ Fellowship is developing discipleship curriculum to help you learn how to disciple someone into a deeper understanding of Christ. Learn more about discipleship with your neighbor by watching these videos. Then, together, accept the challenge to invest into the neighbors around you, developing fully devoted followers of Christ.

 As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. - John 13:34-35

Jeff Reed is the Online Pastor of Christ Fellowship. Jeff has many passions, ranging from family, to technology, to discipleship, to a rather unhealthy obsession with Star Wars. Hit him up to learn how the Online Campus is building fully devoted followers of Christ across the country and around the world at